The Play “Sorry, Goodbye. I will take the trash out myself”


Dima loves Olya. Olya adores Nikolay Anatoliyovichm but he is 45 and married. Kate loves her husband. This is how a love triangle slowly shifts to a square.

This spectacle from the “Before and after sex” project was performed once a year in the “Winter stories” on a big stage. A wonderful play. They decided to perform it on a more consistent level.

There is plenty of humor, soul crushing struggles are going wild because love has no boundaries, age and shame. The play has a lot of honest and straightforward conversations and is made of unbelievable tenderness and crucial cynics. Love can be felt from the first sight and the feeling can stay with you forever or you can search for it your whole life and still come short at the end. The play is smart, passionate, dashing, heartwarming and full of grotesque comedy humor at the same time.

Start at: 19:00;

Note: We will be starting on time, but we can delay the launch of the play for 15 minutes for all you traffic jam lovers.

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