«Rules for cancellation of the purchase and refund of the cash paid for the Ticket».

  1. These Rules are developed in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine and the conditions of the Contract of public offer, read by the Client (Buyer) when purchasing the Ticket.
  2. Upon purchase of the ticket and receipt of the “Rules for canceling the purchase and repayment of cash for the ticket” the Client confirms and agrees that the order and grounds for the refund of the Nominal value of the Ticket (Electronic Ticket) to the Event, as well as the person obliged to make such a refund are informed to the Client in full, are clear and understandable.
  3. Refund for the tickets is made by the organizers only in case of cancellation, transfer or change of the Event. There are no other conditions for returning the funds paid for the ticket. In case of forgery or loss of the Ticket the Client is not allowed to visit the event, the ticket price is not refundable.
  4. The Client who purchased the Ticket and made all necessary payments may request the Organizer or the Distributor (Agent) to return the ticket and receive the money paid for it, in case:
    1. the Event is cancelled; 

    2. the Client’s plans for the day of the Event have changed;

  5. In case of one of the reasons, the Client applies to the Organizer or the Distributor (Agent) in the electronic form or via the cash desk (a sample of the application is provided in the Annex hereto) and provides a copy of the ID document (passport, driver’s license, student’s ID, pension certificate).
  6. This application must contain the person’s details (surname and given names), including number, series and date of issuance of the Ukrainian passport or other identification document, the name of the Event, the number of Tickets and their bar code, the Ticket Nominal Value, the number of the personal bank card (the transfer of the funds will be made on the specified card), date, signature {if the Client applies to the Organizer or the Distributor on the basis of the reasons provided for in the pos. 3-4 of these Rules, the application shall additionally indicate the reasons for such an appeal} and is accepted by the Organizer or the Distributor only if the Client complies with the specified requirements for such application. Only the buyer whose data is indicated in the order can apply for the return of the funds. In case the payment for the tickets was made using the embossed credit card the refunding is according to the Rules of the corresponding Bank.
  7. The application sent by the Client on the basis of the pos. 4.1-4.2 hereof shall be accepted by the Organizer or the Distributor (Agent) only if such application has been received not less than 2 (two) working days prior to the Event for which the Client purchased the Ticket. If the Client applies less than 2 working days prior to the Event, the Organizer or the Distributor does not consider such an application.
  8. The return of funds to the Client for the Ticket for the event in case of the circumstances set forth in the pos. 4.1-4.2 of these Rules is carried out by the Distributor (Agent).
  9. Regardless of the grounds for the application, the return of the Service fee and the cost of the Additional Services is not made by the Distributor (Agent), as well as the cost of the ticket delivery if the delivery service has been additionally ordered by the Client.
  10. Return of the funds to the Clients is carried out only via the wire transfer to the bank account.
  11. The refunding to the Client for the ticket purchased regardless of the grounds for it, is payable making 10% of the Nominal Ticket Value; this means that the Client receives 90% of the Nominal value of the Ticket purchased. It is also worth noting that if the ticket is returned because of changes to the personal plans of the Client, the time of te refunding is recommended to be agreed with the administrator in advance by calling: 067-2244111.