Performance “Who whom wants?”


The show “Who whom wants?”

Performances, dedicated to the topic of relationship between man and woman. Sure, this topic is close to everyone. The performance ‘Who whom wants?’ is not an exception but rather the confirmation. It is about random and non-random encounters and surprising sequels, about the cooled down feelings, which require radical changes (from the legendary project ‘Before and After Sex’). We are talking about the present and do not mince the words! Performance etude, bright, incredibly funny, but also lyrical as Konstantin Danilyuk himself, with whom you will fall in love from the first second! As well with the magnificent Irina Gatun.


There are a lot of funny performances in the theater. But this performance as a thermonuclear bomb will tear your smile to shreds. The facial muscles will experience the sweet pain of non-stop laughing after watching. You will be impressed …


Konstantin Danilyuk
Irina Gatun

Start: 19.00;

Note: we start on time, but we can delay the performance for not more than 15 minutes for the lovers of jams;


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