The performance encore “Sex will not spoil the friendship”


The performance “Sex will not spoil the friendship

There are times you live with a man in the same entrance hall for decades, and you might be … but it was not. You come to him neighborly and then…
And it happens: you’re lying with a man in a bed and you think that you love each other, but it turns out that only friendship, indeed.
In fact, the performance is histories of the project “Before and after sex” but not simple ones, but friendly ones.
It’s when people know each other for many years and then by chance or will of fate they discovered that feel something to each other!
How does it feel? Why only now? Why did this happen? And what do with it?
The performance gives answers to all these questions and sets a new course.
The performance “Sex will not spoil the friendship” is a sharp comedy about sex with a lyrical slant for adults.
Love, which is stretched in time and sex that was found years later.

Beginning at 19:00;

We start on time, but we can delay the performance for not more than 15 minutes for the lovers of traffic jams;


Fan-zone – free space intended for enjoying the event without a specific predestinated seat.

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