Performance “A la male dog, or anything that moves”


For many years in the same day, three childhood friends meet and go through the same route, to put it across with the past. But this time, the system crashed, one of them didn’t come, and this was a woman involved. What can help untangle all the knots? Friends, cognac and other women … Many other women!

Drink or not to drink? Call or not to call? Love or not to love? The heroes will help you to respond to some of these questions if you come to the show in which the actors won’t be hiding under the false names.

Start: 19:00;

Note: we start on time, but we can delay the performance of not more than 15 minutes for the traffic jams “lovers”

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11 December CLOSED


We are very happy to announce that the X Ambassadors concert will take place on March 15, 2022!


✨Caribbean Club✨ opens its doors and is glad to see guests!