Drum show


On July 8, the Caribbean Club will host an explosive drum show from the Fusion TRIO and Vad SAmoS Trio bands.
exclusively author’s compositions
experienced musicians on stage
limited number of seats
the opportunity to chat with the musicians after the concert
“We invite everyone to the Drum Roll of the Year! It will be an exclusive concert from fans and masters of Ukrainian Drumming and fusion music. We are waiting for you on July 8 at the Caribbean Club! ”, – say the musicians.
Fusion TRIO is a trio of Alexander Murenko (drums), Ruslan Bolat (keyboards) and Igor Zakus (bass), which plays in the fusion style, organically combining elements of jazz, folk, rock, funk and other styles. Each of the band members is a creative individual, and together they create unique music filled with vital energy.

Alexander Murenko is an experienced drummer, who is subject to music of any genre, thanks to his enormous capacity for work and bright emotionality. Having traveled almost the whole world on tour, the musician is constantly improving his skills, as evidenced by his participation in numerous festivals, concerts and master classes with the participation of Gregg Bissonette, Alex Hutchings, Eriс Moore, Will Kennedy, Narada Michael Walden, Joel Rosenblatt, Marvin «Smitty »Smith, Dian Brown and many others.

Igor Zakus is a bass player, composer, teacher and founder of the Jazz Kolo project. Igor is rightfully considered the best bass player in Ukraine. His music has everything – technique, amazing melody, real Ukrainian melodiousness and individual sound.

Ruslan Bolat is a young pianist, violinist and composer. Jazz in his performance is a combination of different styles and cultures that he combines in his improvisations. Jazz harmony, complex rhythms, flamenco, Crimean Tatar music, elements of which he uses in his compositions, make up the unique style of this musician. Ruslan has taken part in many jazz festivals: Alfa Jazz Fest, EQUI Jazz Fest, GG Jazz, Montreux Jazz Festival and others.

Vad SAmoS Trio is a trio of Vadim Samosyuk (drums), Denis Moroz (bass) and Artur Lenivenko (keyboards), which plays in the style of electro-fusion-jazz.

The leader of the Vad SAmoS Trio Vadim Samosyuk is a fusion drummer, composer, teacher, as well as the founder and engine of the bands Los Samos, LosSamosZakus and Samos burlesque.

The musicians promise that this will be a bright event that is worth visiting for fans of Ukrainian Drumming and everyone who just wants to escape from everyday tasks and relax.

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