Concert-performance “Legend of Edith”


“For me there is nothing more important than love and my songs, but my songs are also love” (c) Edith Piaf

On Februart 3rd, Natalie Pichkur – the soloist of “Notre Dame de Paris” – will present a concert-performance “The Legend of Edith”.

  • creative heritage of the great Edith Piaf
  • live legendary compositions “Padam, Padam”, “Non, je ne regrette rien”, “La Vie en rose” and others
  • archival photos and videos of the French star
  • the charm of French music and the magic of love
  • perfect evening for a romantic date

Edith Piaf is the greatest singer who has become a symbol of French chanson. Piaf is called a national treasure of France, and her songs are loved and sung all over the world. The artist continues to inspire and fall in love with herself to this day. What is her legend?

“The image of Edith Piaf does not fit into the generally accepted framework of show business. She is the complete opposite of performers and sex symbols of the time, such as Merlin Monroe, Marlene Dietrich and Judy Garland. What, then, made Edith Piaf legendary? There is only one answer – a voice. A unique magical voice that conquered the whole world and made you fall in love with her, ”says Natalie Pichkur.

Natalie Pichkur is a French chanson singer, finalist of the Voice of the Country show and author of the Paris. Chanson. Accordion “. Natalie is known for her participation in the legendary project “Notre Dame de Paris”.

In the concert program on August 16, guests will hear the famous songs of Edith Piaf, as well as the very first compositions performed by the legend of the French chanson on the street. Gradually, from song to song, Natalie Pichkur will reveal The Legend of Edith.

Beautiful evening dress, a glass of wine and immersion in the atmosphere of France – spend an unforgettable summer evening!

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