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March 17th Concert-Lecture: Old School Ukrainian Funk: Tsukrenko and MOVA at the Caribbean Club.

Old School Ukrainian Funk is back with a refreshed program! On stage will be the sensational Albert Tsukrenko, the funky-fantastic band MOVA, and talented guest musicians Evgeniy Dubovik (keyboards) and Kyrylo Cherkashyn (saxophone). You will hear retro hits from the 1960s to the 1980s both in their original sound and in bold arrangements by the MOVA band. Among them are “Green Maple”, “Katerina”, “In the Valley of Fog”, “Red Rue”, “Invite Me to Dreams”, “How Can I Not Love You, My Kyiv!” and others.

In the early 1970s, electric guitars were already resounding loudly in the world, replacing jazz orchestras, and the youth felt the onset of a new era. Despite the desire of the inhumane regime to immobilize and silence Ukraine, the Ukrainians of that time had their musical idols, went to dances, and sang songs in their native language. The Soviet authorities tried with all their might to block anything new, to freeze time, but it is impossible to stop it. Artists picked up global trends and combined them with Ukrainian melody and rhythm, creating a unique style – Ukrainian funk. This music was of such enchanting beauty that it managed to break free from the confines of the Soviet republic and circulate around the world.

Self-made ensembles created all over Ukraine were wildly successful. They played three concerts a day, and audiences showered the artists with flowers. Instant popularity opened the doors to the audience – even abroad. These songs revealed the Ukrainian soul in a new way, adding a contemporary, relevant sound and gaining young fans. They gave a ray of light to the youth of that time and the opportunity to feel free.

“You can’t dance in formation or straight line. In dance, everyone expresses themselves as they like. This is the idea of individual freedom,” says Albert Tsukrenko, a researcher of Ukrainian pop music, and lecturer of the Old School Ukrainian Funk project.

At the lecture-concert, Tsukrenko will talk about the historical context and circumstances under which the musical works originated, which will be performed live by the MOVA band ft. Evgeniy Dubovik and Kyrylo Cherkashyn. A large fan zone will allow you to move freely, dancing to the fiery rhythms of Ukrainian funk.

Albert Tsukrenko is a journalist, showman, screenwriter, and chief editor at Suspilne TV, author of programs “SuchTsukrMuz” and “Albert” on Hromadske TV channel, and the “Balsam for the Soul” project, a member of the “Hamerman Znyshchuye Virusi” band.

MOVA is an acronym formed from the combination of the names of the collective members: Marian Karpinsky (bass guitar), Olga Stetsenko (vocals, guitar), Vadim Korolyuk (guitar), Andriy Lytvynok (drums).

Evgeniy Dubovik is a composer and pianist, creating music for his own jazz quartet. He collaborates with bands and projects such as “Tsiferblat,” Stas Koroliov, MUR, “Hugs of Rain,” VikaVishnya, “Bottom,” MOVA, and others.

Kyrylo Cherkashyn is a professional saxophonist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and teacher. He is a member of the bands BAH.ROMA, Yevhenii Dubovyk Quartet, and Chubareennee.

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