The PLAY of “Black Square” theatre


The extraordinary show by art-theatre of improvisation “Black Square”.  “Black Square” is a comic theatre that performs the most incredible and funny plays.

The main topic for the comics is sex. Don’t be afraid of suck intimate kind of jokes, that always set you in the positive mood.

Every show is a unique life story that makes you recognize yourself in some awkward situations that happened in your life. A lot of humour is the best way to hand over to the visitors the funniest moments and deep feelings.

This is a great opportunity to arrange a meeting for your lovely person. She or he will like the show for sure!

So, don’t miss the one of the funniest and instructive show!

Check out the rules of the «Caribbean Club». We remind you that during an air raid it is recommended to take shelter: the nearest is the "Universitet" metro station (400 m).
Last News

11 December CLOSED


We are very happy to announce that the X Ambassadors concert will take place on March 15, 2022!


✨Caribbean Club✨ opens its doors and is glad to see guests!