SINOPTIK sings for those who can not hear

In the fall of 2019 SINOPTIK will start the nationwide tour “I hear – I live”, which aims to help children with hearing impairments. As part of the tour the band will present its fifth studio album, which is currently in making.

There is more than a million of people with hearing problems today in Ukraine, and more than a hundred thousand people with the “deafness” diagnosis. Of every 1,000 newborns  2-3 children have hearing problems that can be quickly diagnosed with the necessary equipment. Detection and treatment of these problem in infants can minimize or even eliminate the further speech and hearing developmental delay of the child. Unfortunately currently not all regional hospitals in Ukraine have the necessary diagnostic equipment. All over the world people with hearing impairments have no limitations or difficulties in daily communication, learning and creative activities all thanks to the early diagnosis and treatment.

Understanding the importance of hearing in shaping the personality of each of us, SINOPTIK wants to help those who need it to hear the world. First of all this includes newborn babies who have a chance to live a full life by getting help as early as possible. As people who devote themselves to music creation, it’s quite painful for us to even imagine life in the world without sounds.

SINOPTIK together with the Ukrainian Philantrophic Marketpalce aims to:

– draw attention to the existing problem and attract concerned people as much as possible

– spend part of the profit from the tour on purchase of the necessary screeening equipment

The Ukraine-wide tour “I hear – I live” starts on September 20th with the first concert in Dnepr city. And a great solo show in the Ukrainian capital’s Caribbean Club Concert Hall on November 30th will close the tour. Concerts will cover 20 largest cities of the country.

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