The Play “9.5 minutes Before and After sex”


The ‘Black Square’ project is a wide popular. A full house, which we gathered

These notices, which we collect performances devoted to this, other theaters only dream about in the most explicit and impossible dreams. So, the time has come. Talk openly about it. Do not pretend that you are not concerned specifically or in general, and you do not understand what it was about. Yes, we are talking about sex. Yes, it is. This is not a myth, not the gimmick of a philosopher-wise man.

This is a very specific term, with which everyone has their own specific relationship. Intimate. Intimate does not mean murky vulgarity, rudeness, brutality or dirt of some kind. ‘Intimate’ means fragile, light and so painful that you even scared to talk about it with someone. That’s all. It’s time to finish with these children, willfully gadgets. What worries you? Talk with us about the most intimate. We are completely sincere with you. We are ready for a frank conversation through sketches and performances about it.

We give you the most powerful and effective medicine for depression and bad mood. These are super-mega-extra comedies! Performances of what devious, sometimes unimaginable paths a couple of people (though not always just a couple) use or do not use to have sex and what a fancy way of trying to escape from the consequences later. What happened that man and woman are in the same bed? What is worth doing, and that we should not talk about? And what does happen by itself? What happens next? Will something change inside us after all this? These are the questions of this project, for which actors will seek answers. We will tell you in detail what and how to do it. There will be frank topics and sincere conversations. Coquetry and flirting, sadness laughing, love and hate. And yet … something elusive…


The play is in russian language.


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