Performance ‘21 Minutes Before and After Sex, or overshoot burns’

This ‘Black Square’ theater project is a wide popular. A full house, which we gathered by devoted to this performances, other theaters could only dream about in the most explicit and impossible dreams. So, the time has come. Let’s talk openly about it. This performance is about what devious, sometimes unimaginable paths a couple (though not always just a couple) use or do not use to have sex, and what a fancy way of trying to escape from the consequences later. What happened that man and woman are in the same bed? What is worth doing, and that we should not talk about? And what does happen by itself? What happens next? Will something change inside us after all this? These are the questions of this project, for which actors will seek answers.

Beginning at 19:30;

We start on time, but we can delay the performance of no more than 15 minutes for the lovers of traffic jams;


Fan-zone – free space intended for enjoying the event without a specific predestinated seat.

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