Belarusian romantics Nizkiz will present a new album in Kiev

Being one of the main rock bands of Belarus, Nizkiz performs at all major Belarusian festivals, sells solo concerts all over the country and annually collect local music awards. The team has 4 studio albums and 9 singles, and in December 2019 Nizkiz released new Somnambulla LP. As part of the tour to support the new album, the musicians will play in Belarus, Europe, and will also come with a presentation of the album to Kiev.

May 21, Caribbean club.

Nizkiz is a Belarusian group established in 2012 in Mogilev. Nizkiz gave about 100 concerts last year in support of their latest album, Synoptic. The team’s spring tour gathered full halls in all major cities of Belarus, and tickets for two concerts in Minsk were sold out a month before the date.
Their music has won a number of awards and acclaim in the media, including’s “Single of the Year” and’s “Song of the Year”, as well as “Song of the Year” and “Group of the Year” on ONT.

Thanks to performances at the Atlas Weekend Festival and a successful solo concert in Kyiv in 2018, the group is already well known to the Ukrainian public.
In addition, their song “Nebyazpechna” became the soundtrack of the Ukrainian series “Vybir materi”. Soon the guys will return to the Ukrainian stage to present their new music.
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