On December 7, MARU will perform in Kiev!

On October 2nd the second studio album of the MARU supergroup called POMPIDOU was released, and on December 7th, in Caribbean Club Kyiv, the musicians are ready to present it on a big solo concert.

The new album POMPIDOU turned out to be diverse and multifaceted. According to the musicians themselves, they made the musical parallel with the center of contemporary art, looking at the diversity of the material they give birth to. The sound of the second album became more electronic, new instruments appeared in the recording, the songs themselves became more concise in form, without losing the depth of their content. All compositions, with the exception of one in English, are written in Ukrainian.

“We are often asked about the genre, but is it always possible to subordinate to the genre what is born naturally? Yes, we are musicians with classical education, most of us have jazz background, while we are inspired by what is happening in the modern world, that’s all it becomes layered and something eclectic turns out. Therefore, we think that we should take it as a contemporary art – outside the framework and genres, ” – says Denys Dudko, the project leader.

On December 7th, MARU supergroup will present its Center for Contemporary Art on the stage of the Caribbean Club. At the concert, all the songs of the new album will be performed, as well as compositions from the first album of the group, released a year ago.

“This concert will feature a new POMPIDOU album in full sound. We will also play most of the songs from the first album, but, as always, there will also be surprises!” – Dudko shares.

Each MARU concert is like a musical, and even a theatrical performance. What the musicians will prepare this time – is still kept in secret. One of the favorite artists of musicians Pablo Picasso said: “The artist draws not what he sees, but what he feels.”

Come feel the music with MARU! December 7th, Caribbean Club.

Fan-zone – free space intended for enjoying the event without a specific predestinated seat.

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