Натхненниця проекту - Олена Коляденко, український хореограф, режисер-постановник та продюсер. Керівник шоу-балету «Freedom» та гурту «Freedom-Jazz».

В головниx роляx - Володимир Шпудейко, український актор театру естради і кіно, степ-танцівник. А також Кармазін Микита (Кіндер) - Гран-прі модельного конкурсу «Модні Діти України» та 1 місце за підліткову роль на театральному фестивалі в Києві у 2017 році.


Лисенко Лєраучасниця телевізійного проекту “Голос країни. Діти”.

Красновецька Даринаучасниця телевізійного проекту “Голос країни. Діти”.

Дара Селоучасниця телевізійного проекту “Голос країни. Діти”

Хамза Рауль, фіналіст Всеукраїнського благодійного фестивалю "Чорноморські Ігри", Участник шоу «Х-ФАКТОР».

Чорна Даринаучасниця телевізійного проекту “Голос країни. Діти”

Ачкасов Микитапереможець багатьох міжнародних конкурсів та фестивалів.

Олексієнко Тетянафіналістка телевізійного проекту “Голос країни. Діти”

Костякіна Лізаучасниця телевізійного проекту “Голос країни. Діти”

“LIHTARIUS. Stories come to life “


Not so long ago, in Ukraine, there was founded a brand new show for all family called ‘Lihtarius. Istorii ozhivajut’ (Lihtarius. The stories come alive). During several months, the show dives the audience of all ages into the fairytale and gives you a great journey to the dimension of music, beauty and talent.

There were more than 20 performances and hundreds impressed parents and children at every show!

Hundreds of positive feedbacks and likes as well.

And these things make the true family show ‘Lihtarius. The stories come alive’.

You must visit the show because of:

  • This is the first regularly family show in Ukraine with the audience of all ages. At last, there is an analogy of Broadway musical with a successful combination with dinner-show format in Kyiv!
  • 34 artists take part in the show! The main participants are children – the rising stars of different talent-show of Ukraine. Only here you can see them playing the most unexpectable characters of favourite Disney cartoons.
  • Live music by the jazz orchestra
  • The unique star team of show creators: from project inspirer Elena Kolyadenko and her pupils, production directors Pavel Bondarenko and Igor Kuleshyn to artistic director of the show Kseniya Osykina (the director of producer centre ‘Talant Production’)
  • This is your best family leisure! Only here you will get an emotional explosion and esthetic pleasure!

Many Ukrainian well-known people with their families appreciated the show. They are Anatoly Anatolich, Snezhana Egorova, Olga Shurova, Stacy Rovinskaya, Andrew Djedjula, Kishe, Arkady Raytsin, Timur Miroshnychenko, Adam band, Alexey Goncharenko, Jury Tkach and many others.

‘It was really cool! I enthusiastically (literally ‘open mouth’) watched the show. It was interesting for me to look after the audience and their preferences. For example, Andrew Djedjula’s son, who is older than my daughters, have a great pleasure watching the performance by Anya Trincher, and we liked other ones. We sang with Elza, Aladin, Moana. I’m pretty sure, we will come back again as many times as we can.’ – said Anatoly Anatolich.

‘Once again Caribbean Club surprised with the fabulous project and professional approach. Beautiful, incredibly bright and kindness show that my father, me and my son watched with a big enjoy and interest!’ – Andrew Djedjula.

‘Lihtarius’ show is a great opportunity for parents and children to spend time together! Put away your gadgets, get out of the networks and enjoy the world of fantasy and art!

Don’t miss the unforgettable show on coming Sunday! Share your photo in social networks with hashtag #ліхтаріус. The story is beginning right here, right now!

Show is in Ukrainian and English (songs).

Fan-zone – free space intended for enjoying the event without a specific predestinated seat.

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