LE CŒUR    (Ле кер) 



Le Cœur” may sound quite close to “liquor” for many people but it means “the Heart” in French.

Hence, our goal is to touch your heart, bring million people together through our music, impact and make this world a better place.

Our journey began in 2013. At that time the band was formed by 5 classmates, each of whom came from a different country.

At that time we used to jam in our rooms after class, using plates, spoons, folks, etc. 

On May, the 4th of 2014, we rehearsed for the first time in a music studio with real instruments, started writing our first songs and played many gigs. A year later we gave our first solo concert, almost 300 people attended.

In 2016 the first album “entends les mots de ton cœur” (Listen to your heart) was released.

Since, we have performed live for more than 50 000 listeners all over the Ukraine, burnt thousands of kilometers, spent hundreds of hours on the road, visited more than 20 cities, performed on the best music festivals of the country such as Faine Misto (main stage), Atlas weekend, Energy fest, Jazz Koktebel, Via Carpathia, Meat and Beer festival and many others.

Time goes by and brings changes. So, we’ve transformed our music and came up with a brand new style we call “cKor”, which could be described as a mixture of African rhythm, Rock, Funk, Fusion, and Electronic.

The band is now formed by 4 members, Vasyl Blazhevich (guitar), Platon Belov (bass) and Vitaliy Petrenko (drums) who respectively joined Dieudonné Ngeleka (lead vocal). Together we finished and released the second album “We Are Coming”. Now looking forward to going on tour to support the album meanwhile preparing the second big solo Concert that will take place at Caribbean club on the 24th of August.

You are more than welcome.

Fan-zone – free space intended for enjoying the event without a specific predestinated seat.

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