“The team of the first (and, dare I say, the best!) comedy improvisation show in Ukraine is gearing up to celebrate its 10th anniversary with its audience.

A decade ago, the improv show “Sexual Fiction” took place for the first time on the stage of the Caribbean Club, courtesy of the Black Square Theater! Over these 10 years, there have been more than 500 performances in 15 cities across Ukraine, and not only Ukraine: our format has been introduced to audiences in Germany, Poland, Portugal, and Spain.

For those unfamiliar with us, here’s a brief overview of the format:
Kvadrat-show is an exciting theatrical performance in the highly popular genre of Comedy Improv! It combines traditional theater, legendary Broadway improvisational shows, and interactive communication with the audience. You, the audience, will be the main playwrights and directors of the show, deciding the roles and scenarios for the actors in the next moment.

A show without taboos, humor without limits! And this time – 10 times more surprises, laughter, and a sense of total unpredictability!

1. Every creation of the Black Square Theater is a bomb of humor and surprises.
2. It will be funny, candid, amazing, and vibrant! Considering the New Year theme, it will be festive and atmospheric!
3. At the end of the show, there will be a charity auction to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine! You can purchase exclusive military artifacts, and the proceeds will be directed to specific needs of our army.
4. The Kvadrat-show team consists of true masters of humor from the first theater of Comedy Improv in Ukraine (established in 1992), who more than 10 years ago pioneered the format in our country. This time, the improvisation will be led by players from the TOP league: Irina Gatun, Serhiy Fedorchuk, Polina Holovanova, Yevhen Amaritsa, and Oleksandr Rozvyakov. Other current and former team members will also join as guests.

Come celebrate, laugh, and enjoy the moment with us!”

Check out the rules of the «Caribbean Club». We remind you that during an air raid it is recommended to take shelter: the nearest is the "Universitet" metro station (400 m).
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