“Jazz for adults” with Alexey Kogan & NC 17


26 November there is an incredible show “Jazz for Adults” by Alexey Kogan

  • famous legendary compositions live
  • interesting stories about jazz by Alexey Kogan
  • Jazz in the Kyiv band
  • the highlight is a performance by NC-17 Showballet
  • the unique show
  • 18+

Alexey Kogan is an outstanding personality of Ukrainian jazz. He has made a big contribution to the development of the musical culture of Ukraine. He is like the godfather of Ukrainian jazz.

Since 2014, “Jazz for Adults with Alexey Kogan” has been a favourite show for jazz fans. There were more than 40 shows at Caribbean Club Concert Hall and the shows were attended by about 15,000 music lovers from all over Ukraine and the world.

Jazz in Kiev Band are:

Vocals – Laura Marti

Keyboards – Vladimir Kaminskiy

Guitar – Misha Mendelenko

Saxophone – Artem Mendelenko

Drums – Valeriy Volkov

Bass – Alexey Kogan

An exclusive part of the show is the dance performances by NC-17 Showballet. Their sensual and original performances complement and re-discover famous and beloved compositions.

The guests of the evening enjoy the live performance of the legendary jazz compositions and learn about the history of their creation, about the creators, interesting facts and memories, incidents from the life of jazz musicians and entire jazz bands.

Jazz-show “Jazz for adults” with Alexey Kogan is a magical evening for music lovers and connoisseurs of quality music!

Don’t miss the show!

Fan-zone – free space intended for enjoying the event without a specific predestinated seat.

Check out the rules of the «Caribbean Club». We remind you that during an air raid it is recommended to take shelter: the nearest is the "Universitet" metro station (400 m).
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