A guitar and a suitcase full of stories – Fink is coming back to Kyiv with an acoustic show

He has a special sense of beauty that instantly transforms into melancholic guitar melodies. “I don’t write happy songs,” he says with a smile, but we all know how warm and good his music feels. Fink returns to Ukraine to present a special acoustic program. Like no other, acoustic concerts allow us to strip off all the musical and emotional layers and undergo a true purification. This is how this evening with Fink will be like: only the artist, his guitar, and a suitcase, full of stories.

November 10th, Caribbean Club.

Fink is a songwriter and music producer with 20 years of experience. He decided to write and perform his own songs only after he was invited to write and produce for other artists. For example, he wrote and produced music for John Legend and Amy Winehouse early in her career. Thus, only by giving his voice to others, he realized that it was time to get it back. It was the only way for him to share his experiences and stories, sadness and distress with the audience.

A long time has passed, seven albums have been recorded, hundreds of concerts played all over the world. Fink does not often return to the point where it all began. Away from noisy clubs, loud festivals. However, this is exactly how Fink’s music we know and love now began. See you at the most magical concert of Spring 2020.

Fan-zone – free space intended for enjoying the event without a specific predestinated seat.

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