Freedom Jazz | SAX LIVE SHOW “Pif-Puf”


Can you feel it? Is there something playful, magical and beautiful in the air? There is a laugh, the clatter of heels and the tunes you are already dancing to!

Here is the simple answer – Music Cabaret # 1 is back in town!

With a light adventurous smile and mysterious smiles, FREEDOM JAZZ girls band presents the new SAX LIVE SHOW “Pif-Puf”.

In this show, you see girls in James Bond style!

Sophie: “Oh, well, what girl did not imagine herself as the favorite James Bond’s super agent! I’m sure absolutely everyone! And here we thought: why should you dream and imagine if you can become her.

Anastasia: “So, we have created our own James Bond performance. The secret is a lot of good music, slowly add passionate and exciting notes, spice up the stunning vocals and divine saxophone solos, and decorate and subtle, feminine humor. “

Sunny: “We are trying on new gorgeous images on size. We are dangerous, adventurous superheroes – the girls of the same James Bond. There will be a love drama line, like a refined necklace on a thin neck, and we, jazz players, will make it jewellery

And somewhere in the corner of the club, HE will sit and smoking a cigar, flashing with his passionate eyes. Getting closer, he certainly wants to imagine himself, as he always did before: “Bond, James Bond.” But now it will be “Jazz, Freedom Jazz”!

Ladies and gentlemen! You have no choice! Only enter directly at Caribbean Club Concert Hall.

Fan-zone – free space intended for enjoying the event without a specific predestinated seat.

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