On March 10th, BUSINESS STAND UP: WOMEN. SPRING. WAR at the Caribbean Club.

This is exactly what we will talk, joke, reminisce, and laugh about at the first spring meeting of Business Stand Up. Come to recharge with the energy of spring and hear the performances of strong and beautiful speakers. It’s impossible to miss, especially since all the proceeds from this Business Stand Up evening will be donated to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

We are pleased to welcome on the main stage of intellectual humor and common sense these incredible speakers:

Marina Kinakh.
Public figure, honored journalist of Ukraine, expert in social television projects, co-founder of women’s and children’s projects ‘Best Woman in the Profession’, ‘Children – the Pride of Ukraine’, member of the jury of children’s contests and festivals, and a mother and grandmother of many children.

Natalia Yemchenko.
Chief Reputation Officer of System Capital Management, member of supervisory boards in NGOs Heart of Azovstal, Mariupol.Reborn, Rinat Akhmetov Foundation, a mother, a master of words, and, more importantly, actions.

Olena Yuzkova.
Management consultant, helping in the transformation of people, organizations, and cities. A Ph.D. in philosophy of public administration who knows that the change of the state begins with each of us. Dangerous because she can truly change people and even make them better.

Yulia Lipovetska.
Intellectual, the youngest director at KPMG Ukraine. Head of the ERP implementation direction (whatever that means).

Kateryna Bulavinova.
Medical expert at UNICEF. A charismatic woman who not only knows everything about health and can make millions of Ukrainians listen to her instructions, such as getting vaccinated, but also possesses the hypnotic power of Odessa humor.

Kateryna Vozianova.
Entrepreneur and founder of Indposhiv. The brand has been dressing the best men in the country in impeccable classic clothing for 15 years. She starts her day with a plunge into an ice hole.

The evening will be hosted by the unparalleled Lera Mandziuk, an artist and comedian whose recognizability knows no bounds.

See you on March 10th at the Caribbean Club.

Check out the rules of the «Caribbean Club». We remind you that during an air raid it is recommended to take shelter: the nearest is the "Universitet" metro station (400 m).
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