Переможниця третього сезону всесвітньо відомого музичного проекту «Х-фактор», фіналістка національного відбору Євробачення-2016, володарка премій «Фаворит року» та інших регалій підготувала справжнє свято для своїх шанувальників, яке обов"язково увійде до музичної історії!

Aida Nikolaychuk – «Crystal Voice»


Aida Nikolaychuk’s solo concert will take place 3 of November 2016 in Caribbean Club Concert-Hall. The winner of Ukrainian X-Factor, the finalist of the Eurovision’s national selection 2016, the owner of “Discovery of the year” and a handful of awards prepared a show you will never forget.

You will get a chance to hear such songs as “Don’t hold me”, “Go”, “On your planet”, We’re under the same sky” and some covers to the world famous songs as “Lullaby” (Polina Gagarina), “Skyfall”, “Rolling in the deep” (Adele), and etc.

Aida promises to present a few new songs including the one we’ve all been waiting for far too long. This time, Aida will present the  song that was written for her by a talented composer and songwriter, the author of world famous song “Odna kalyna” Ruslan Kvinta.

During breaks between songs, singing Ukrainian fairy will share some news and tell about her plans for the future. Don’t miss an extravaganza of talent and beauty! A friendly, lovely and sincere atmosphere is guaranteed!

Special guest: Erika Sitnyk.

Fan zone is completely open to the public.

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