5 Vymir

5 Vymir


On the 10th of October, after the one year break, “5 Vymir” band will present the new EP “Karma” at Caribbean Club Concert Hall!

Guitarist vocalist Kostya Pochtar said: “Music is the thing that unites us. We played half a year in the studio and wrote new songs without any plans for performances. In the same way, once we created ‘New Names’, but it was all played live, and in the new EP there are the tracks that we first recorded and then learned to play together. This is a new approach for the band – to create songs without limiting myself with 4 instruments. In new tracks, for example, I don’t play the guitar. “

A lot has happened over the past year. In the fall of 2018, the band reported that drummer Semyon left the band. Although the guys found a replacement for him, they could not live and create without him – everything was ready for the new album, but at that time they decided not to present it.

Semen Tereshchenko, meanwhile, became the main character of the series “Kyiv day and night”, Kostya Pochtar traveled around Europe with the solo project ‘Postman’, Vadik Lazarev in the studio Lipky Zvukozapys worked on Stoned Jesus new albums and Vovk, and wrote the soundtrack to the popular science film “Prince Vladimir: between memory and praise “, while studying medieval music.

But soon life brought the guys together again. Kostya said: “We realized that we could not exist in a different composition. 5 Vymir is only for four of us. At some point, we gathered and after months of quarrels realized that pursuing some goals, we were constantly preparing for something, we lose our 20 years old friendship. And if we choose between principles and friendship, we choose friendship. Therefore, we further met with Semyon, we talked, he returned to the band.”

The phenomenon of “5 Vymir” band is that since the band was founded by three classmates at the age of 12, the band has not changed. Drummer Semyon Tereshchenko joined the band in 2011. Ahead of them were waiting for performances with Balthazar and Franz Ferdinand, the main stage of Zaxidfest, concerts with strings, performances in the de-occupied Donbas.

Their debut album “Mistoliniya”, dedicated to their hometown, hit the top of the best albums in 2014 according to the leading Ukrainian media. In 2018, it was included to the list of the 100 most important albums of independent Ukraine. The release of the second album “New Names” opened the way for television, radio stations and bands of glossy publications. Their music was used in commercials and films, and UA: Public created an hour-long TV show about the band’s history.

Don’t miss the show by “5 Vymir” band at Caribbean Club on the 10th of December!

Fan-zone – free space intended for enjoying the event without a specific predestinated seat.

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