Caribbean Club Concert Hall presents the piano show “Grand Piano”.

Variety “Grand Piano” is a brand new show for adults! Only for 21+!

“Grand Piano” is more than just a dinner show, it is a new cultural tradition of Kyiv. Comfortable place, mystical darkness, the atmosphere of classic variety shows of the beginning of the 20th century! All these are the main components of an unforgettable evening “Grand Piano” show. The guests are immersed in a provocation performance for one evening. For the first time in Ukraine, the audience is offered an analog of the Parisian legendary cabarets with such style, colorful costumes, original scenery and an incredibly beautiful performing.

Musical sets and interactive communication with the audience are interwoven into the theatrical plot of the performance. This is live and frank game with a fascinating story, that turns into a new and unique show. There’s no vulgarity! Graceful sexuality and light eroticism is our answer to ordinary stress and rough reality. The musical producer of the show is the famous Ukrainian musician and composer Alexey Bogolyubov. He is known for his special sense of music and unconventional approach.

Alexey creates arrangements for popular Ukrainian and foreign artists. As a musician, he performs in chamber bands, big bands and orchestras. He is the band leader of several projects and has collaborations with jazzmen from around the world, like Louis Godwin (USA), Marc Bernstein (USA), Zoe Gilby (Great Britain), Ingrid Arthur (USA) and many others. In his creativity, there are 2 original CDs and his jazz school.

When I was told about the show it became interesting for me to realize it. After almost four months of working with the project, an emotional story was dedicated to my best friend, the “Grand Piano”, created by non-standard arrangements. Some songs can sound very unusual for the audience, and some like they always used to be. In general, all that the audience hears is my vision of everyone’s favorite songs. “, says Alexey Bogolyubov.

The choreographers of the show are famous Ukrainian dancers, leaders of the ballet NC-17 Showballet and the founders of the Twist dance school, Anna Palamarchuk, and Ekaterina Trishina.

Ekaterina Trishina and Anna Palamarchuk are also known for their participation in the TV projects “Dancing for You” and “Dancing with the Stars”.

“‘Grand Piano’ is an experiment. Dance expression combined with the live sound of the piano and professional vocalists. We are preparing an incredible show for our guests, bright costumes and an amazing atmosphere,” shared Ekaterina Trishina.

Check out the rules of the «Caribbean Club». We remind you that during an air raid it is recommended to take shelter: the nearest is the "Universitet" metro station (400 m).
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