Yiddish Jazz by Tatiana Amirova & Band


29 September there is a “Yiddish Jazz” show at Caribbean Club.

Tatyana Amirova is a singer with academic education and a Jewish soul. At the ”The Voice 2016: blind audition” show, she sang the Jewish song “Bei mir bist du shein” and all the star trainers turned to her. Reviving Jewish traditions and revealing a new sound of traditional Yiddish songs.

Yiddish jazz is an atmospheric show accompanied by virtuoso musicians and dancers. The compositions are combined with a story about the life of the artist, her hometown, love for Forshmak and stuffed fish, Odessa-Jewish traditions and humour flavour. The scenery and video graphics are designed in the style of Odessa in the 30s.

“We do not always know exactly where we will go, but we know exactly where we came from. I was born in Odessa. I was brought up in Jewish traditions. I bring love to my native city and Jewish values through life. Any culture is based on language.”

The concert is filled with bright dance performances accompanied by the soloists of “Freedom ballet”. The duration of the show is 1 hour 20 min. Costume Designer – Nazar Didyk.

Directed by Pavel Bondarenko.

Tatyana’s comment: “I am in a hurry to share the joy, we will meet again. I am so inspired by the previous concert that I simply cannot allow myself to do it again. Only for you.”

Don’t miss the “Yiddish Jazz” by Tatyana Amirova at Caribbean Club on the 29th of September!

Fan-zone – free space intended for enjoying the event without a specific predestinated seat.

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