Last Christmas, “Tanok on Maidan Congo” band decided to add another special set. And here is what it looks like: musicians play characters of a classic Ukrainian theatre, and there are fragments of mini-performances between the songs. In these performances, Christmas traditions are presented in a modern context.

Oleg “Fagot” Mihailuta (author of the idea, who immediately reserved for himself the role of the Devil): “We have several Christmas songs and an acoustic set that we usually play in theatres as well. This time we decided to combine them and show what we did not do before. ”

Alexander “Fozzy” Sidorenko (author of the libretto): “I wrote the poetry to each actor, trying to transfer the classic crib roles to us and maintain a sense of celebration, adding an exclusive: my character (Zionist), for example, in his speech, emphasizes that we need for introduction in Ukraine a land market. Everyone has their own roles and even our technical director (Death). ”

Characters of the TNMK theatre:

Andrey Chudlya (DJ) – Herod;

Victor Korzhenko (drums) – King;

Evgeny Gusak (Technical Director) – Death;

Konstantin Zhuykov (bass) – King;

Alexander Shimansky (piano, trumpet) – Angel;

Bassoon – Damn;

Fozzy – Zionist;

Yaroslav Verevkin (guitar) – King;

The first show was in January 2019 at the Caribbean Club. After that, it was decided to give a special tour that starts in early 2020. Before the tour TNMK will release the film. In this film, you can see the pieces of festive interludes and songs that make up the warm acoustic nativity scene from TNMK.

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