Timo Vollbrecht & jazz-quartet FLY MAGIC


On the November 27th Timo Vollbrecht & jazz-quartet FLY MAGIC for the first time in Caribbean Club.

“Timo Vollbrecht and his ensemble are among the rising stars on the jazz-scene.” — Republic of Jazz

Saxophonist and composer Timo Vollbrecht is one of Germany’s most important up-and-coming voices in jazz.

Fly Magic is Timo Vollbrecht’s New York-based signature ensemble. Contrary to the appearance of a stereotypical jazz line-up, the four musicians treat it as a malleable collective that expands into the territories of contemporary jazz, new music, post-rock, ambiance, and instrumental songwriting. Through this confluence of influences, their music transcends the limitations of musical genre. Together, they explore a variety of timbre through means of orchestration such as the juxtaposition of acoustic and electric instruments. E.g., the romance of a lyrical melody might be broken (or tinged) with a destructive sound-effect by the guitar. As a bandleader, Vollbrecht focuses on crafting a unique collective aesthetic that embeds each improviser’s individual expression in a greater communal spirit.

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