The legendary BBC radio journalist. Seva Novgorodtsev


October 22, the BBC’s most famous voice, Seva Novgorodtsev will perform at Caribbean Club!

Seva will share an interesting experience and many amazing stories:

– creative chamber meeting

– about dozens of personalities who have left their mark on world culture and history

– work on the BBC, the opening of the “Russian Service”

– about emigration

– work on the radio, in the cinema and writing books

The 78-year-old radio presenter is an unsurpassed storyteller, is a scholar and has tremendous life experience. His books have become bestsellers, performances are crazy popular, and his contribution to world culture is marked by the Order of the British Empire.

The creative meeting will be an interactive conversation with the audience. He willingly and sincerely answers the questions from the audience, shares experience and motivates.

During the performance, you can purchase Seva’s books and get his signature!

On the 22nd of October don’t miss the friendly atmosphere, photos and fond memories. See you soon!

Fan-zone – free space intended for enjoying the event without a specific predestinated seat.

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