tango performance “ProstoTa”


On April 8, a modern tango performance “ProstoTa” will take place at the Caribbean Club Concert Hall.

dance performance with live music
the first tango performance in Ukraine
the participants in the production are not only dancers, but also musicians
limited number of seats

“Down with all the standards, we will show what tango really is. We will just tell you about the most important thing … ”, – the creators of the play tell. They promise to erase all clichés and stereotypes around tango, completely turn the idea of this style and the concept of “tango performance” in general.

The performance “ProstoTa” appeared thanks to the meeting and idea of creative people: the founder of the dance studio “GOLDANCE” Svetlana Shevetovskaya, musicians of the virtuoso quartet KIEV TANGO PROJECT and the young dance theater WAVE. The play was directed by the famous choreographer Alexei Busko.

“It so happened that we live in an era of an overabundance of information that daily penetrates our minds from everywhere. Often, subconsciously, we absorb and fill with terabytes of other people’s thoughts and inventions. The most difficult thing is to concentrate on simple things, and it is from them that everything, at first glance, is complex … Fortunately, the abstract thinking given to us gave rise to such a phenomenon as art, which was embodied in many types and forms. It is by touching it that a person can for a moment abandon the outside world and plunge into his consciousness, subconsciousness, soul, and, possibly, find simple answers to difficult questions for himself, ”says Alexei Busko about the tango performance“ ProstoTa ”.

The tango performance “ProstoTa” has already been sold out three times at the Caribbean Club Concert Hall. Don’t miss the modern dance performance this time!

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