Tango-performance “EXIT”


Contemporary tango-performance “EXIT” is the second collaboration of Ukrainian “KYIV TANGO PROJECT” quartet, dance-theatre “WAVE” and its producer Svitlana Shevetovska.

However, this time our collective is also joined by a renowned Ukrainian tango-duet “SO Tango”.

The show’s directors are Andriy Hladysh, founder of the dance-theatre “WAVE”, and Serhiy Shuliko (dancer from the “SO Tango” duet).
Through dance, acting and memorable tango music by our charismatic quartet, we explore plotlines of various people that suffer from a certain psychological addiction, which once settles in their subconscious, starts to take a toll on their lives.
Many questions will arise, but, perhaps, many answers will be given…
The show will premiere soon!

Fan-zone – free space intended for enjoying the event without a specific predestinated seat.

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