Tango-comedy “TANGO FRIENDS”


TANGO Theater UA & FueGo Orchestra
present a new play “TANGO FRIENDS”, tango comedy with a subtext.

“We have something to say!” – said famous Ukrainian tango musicians who have experienced many adventures, and the idea of a unique performance “Tango Friends” arose.

“… We met while playing tango music. Side by side we walked for 10 years, dressed in tango clothes of famous couturiers. Tango has become our common addiction, although psychotherapists say it is dangerous… Are you asking about the Tango society? It is quite capricious, it is almost always a fatal relationship… maybe “tango chooses us”, but we choose with whom to pulsate in its rhythm… “- shares his thoughts one of the characters in the play.

Musicians who created unique projects with Jamala, Nadezhda Meyher, Anastasia Kamenskykh, Konstantin Tamilchenko, Kateryna Kukhar and Oleksandr Stoyanov are now becoming actors in a play about their own lives.

On October  10, tango friends gather together in the Caribbean Club concert hall to joke, gossip and perform magical tango music for real tango lovers.

Participants of the play who will play themselves:

FueGo Orchestra musicians: SERGEY KURDYTSKY (bandoneon)
DMITRY TRETYAK (double bass)

Charismatic actress and singer – VIOLET SAMON.

The star of the play is a Ukrainian singer of Armenian origin with a Brazilian heart – LAURA MARTI / LAURA MARTI.

Director and playwright – Anastasia Hnatyuk.

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