STAND-UP love is…

STAND-UP love is…


 15 February «STAND-UP love is…» show at Caribbean Club Concert Hall.

Love is…
– When you take your husband’s salary and every day give him money to get to the office and back.
– When you went to buy audio technic for the car, but have bought you a new fur coat «because you need it»
– When you can laugh at soul mate and didn’t get fists!

The main topic of the evening is relationships between men and women: different situations, problems and theoretically solutions to these problems.

This evening 5 well-known comics of Ukraine will perform an incredible show for you!
They are:

Maxim Kravets is the author and actor of the comic TV show «shoujuri» on «1+1» channel, the finalist of the TV show «Comic for a million» on «ICTV» channel. Maxim is an actor and movie scriptwriter as well.

Volodymyr Yevchuk – the winner of TV Show «Make the comic laugh» on «1+1» channel, the champion of League of Laugh 2017 in Rivne. Also, he is the author of comic TV shows.

Serhiy Goroh is the participant of «Comedy Battle» Project and «Open Mic» on «TNT», the winner of TV Show «Make the comic laugh» and the resident of «Stand-up Union»

Bekir Mamediev – the winner of TV Show «Make the comic laugh», the author of different comic shows of Ukraine.

Lera Mandzyk, the participant of TV Show «Women’s quarter» on «1+1» channel, multi-winner of TV Show «Make the comic laugh».

Ivan Jornokley will host the evening.

The show duration is 1,5 hours. Recommended for 18+.

Фан-зона — вільні зони для перегляду заходів без прив’язки до конкретного місця.
Ознайомтесь з правилами закладу «Сaribbean Club»
Fan-zone – free space intended for enjoying the event without a specific predestinated seat.

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