Sing Together: Vladimir Kuzmin


14 June don’t miss “Sing Together” show at Caribbean Club Concert Hall.

  • special tracklists of your favourite hits, songs of childhood and youth
  • nostalgic mood with warm feelings
  • the audience sings the songs with singers
  • Talented singer Alexander Lozovsky
  • Kaska Records Band

Vladimir Kuzmin is a rock singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter.

Kuzmin earned a degree in a musical college. He liked to sing The Beatles and Rolling Stones.

His best hits are “Kogda ti menya pozovesh” (When you call me) and “Simona”

The show dedicated to the famous multi-instrumentalist Vladimir Kuzmin.

Talented poet, composer and musician Alexander Lozovsky will perform well-known hits by Vladimir Kuzmin. Lozovsky is well-known because of his collaborations with Arsen Mirzoyan and Zlata Ognevich.

This evening Kaska Records Band and special star guests will join his performance.

Don’t miss the live performance of music Vladimir Kuzmin by in “Sing Together” show at Caribbean Club Concert Hall on the 14th of June!

Fan-zone – free space intended for enjoying the event without a specific predestinated seat.

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