Sing Together: Alla Pugacheva


22 August don’t miss “Sing Together” show with a new set “Alla Pugacheva” at Caribbean Club Concert Hall.

  • special tracklists of your favourite hits, songs of childhood and youth
  • nostalgic mood with warm feelings 
  • the audience sings the songs with singers
  • Talented star singers
  • Kaska Records Band

Alla Pugacheva is a pop star for over 50 years. She is famous all over the world.

Her achievement is a result of a mix of unconditional talent, a strong personality and lots of work.

Alla has the songs of different mood in her sets. “Million of scarlet roses”, “Iceberg”, “Harlequin”, “Love, like a dream”, “Kings can do everything”, “Where childhood goes” and many others popular hits.

Don’t miss a very rare concert by the professional musician of Kaska Records Band with the very special show “Alla Pugacheva” at Caribbean Club on the 22nd of August!

Let yourself relax and remember the songs of youth by the queen of pop!

Fan-zone – free space intended for enjoying the event without a specific predestinated seat.

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