RAY Collins’ Hot-Club | Swing Orchestra # 1 in Europe


1 February, Ray Collins’ HOT CLUB (Germany) will present a new album “When night comes to Berlin” at Caribbean Club!

✅ headliners of world swing and rockabilly festivals

✅ authentic high-quality jump-blues, swing and jive of the 40s and 50s

✅ full immersion in the golden era of big bands

1 February, Ray Collins’ HOT CLUB (Germany) – Swing Orchestra No. 1 at Caribbean Club!

Performances by the Orchestra combine the music and the great show! Nine professional musicians will perfectly perform the music of 40-50ies like blues, swing, jive, rock-n-roll.

Ray Collins ‘ HOT CLUB has already recorded 12 albums. The first album “Shaking That Boogie” was released in 2001 and immediately brought Ray Collins’ HOT CLUB to the top of swing bands in the world. In 2005 their song “Barefoot” became the soundtrack for the film “Barefoot” by Tilja Shvajgera (“Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”, “Inglourious Basterds”).

Ruki’V Bruki (UA) will support Germany guests!

Great Dancewear Caribbean Club Concert Hall will be rocked with wild dancing!

Fans of boogie-woogie, Lindy Hop, blues and other swing dances, who will dance from dusk till dawn, will definitely love the best artists and Dance DJ-mix. 

Join the incredible music-dance Marathon!

Fan-zone – free space intended for enjoying the event without a specific predestinated seat.

Check out the rules of the «Caribbean Club», as well as the new safety rules related to COVID-19
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