New Year’s Carnival – Rumbero’s



The greatest holiday of the year is coming! So it’s time to think about New Year’s celebration.

Traditionally Caribbean Club prepares the amazing show-program for fantastic night 31st of December.

Program of the show:
– performance of star-guests – Amador Lopez & RUMBERO’S band
– lounge pre-party by Mary’s Band
– storm of emotions with one of the best dancing cover-bands The KOMIXY

Star guests of the carnival are Amador Lopez and RUMBERO’S band.
They mix Latin and Ukrainian cultures into trendy dancing sound.
Hot rhythms, bright show, outstanding costumes – they will immerse guests into atmosphere of exotic countries.

Festive evening will start with charming pre-party in jazz-funk style. Artists of Mary’s Band prepared program of the immortal hits and legendary songs in light jazzy arrangements.

New 2019 Year we will begin with favorite songs and crazy dances played live by cover-band The KOMIXY.
All top-songs, beloved melodies and good mood will explode dance floor.
We will dance and have fun in best traditions of Caribbean Club!

Master of ceremonies – one and only Sergio Kunitsyn!
He will not give you a chance to lose mood and high-level of fun!
Breathtaking contests, surprises, gifts, jokes – what do you prefer? All of it? You will get it! For these night and for the whole 2019th!

Our chief prepares a special New Year’s menu! You will enjoy traditional courses in “haute couture” style.

Caribbean Club is an expert of bright unforgettable holidays and good mood.
Hurry up to book the best places today for you, your family and friends +380672244111

Fan-zone – free space intended for enjoying the event without a specific predestinated seat.

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