Musical project of lullabies. Luli Bai


3 March the premiere of unique live project ‘Luli Bay’ at Caribbean Club.

  • Presentation of 12 lullaby songs
  • Mysterious journey to the world of fabulous live music
  • Lullabies from the ages – the value of past and coming generations
  • The cosy family evening of lullabies

The singer Maya MOVA will present the brand new show ‘Luli Bay’. For the first time in Ukrainian modern music, you will listen to the well-known and author lullabies.

‘When the little man’s eyes are watching you, the lullaby is the key you open him the door to the world. I sang these songs to my songs in the first minutes of their birth. This music passed me through. I believe and I know that ‘Luli Bay’ is a very important show and it will live!’ – said Maya MOVA.

The lullaby music is immortal, and a project ‘Luli Bay’ is their life today!

Free entrance for children up to 3 y.o. (without providing a separate place).

Fan-zone – free space intended for enjoying the event without a specific predestinated seat.

Check out the rules of the «Caribbean Club», as well as the new safety rules related to COVID-19
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