Marina Levchenko. “A little quietly and frankly…”. Apartment house # 2


“As much as possible
As often as possible
Kiss loved ones
Good luck in the morning
And arms are wings
Do not separate ”
© Marina Levchenko

On August 7, at the Caribbean Club Concert Hall, Marina Levchenko’s exclusive apartment house “A little quiet and frankly …” will be held, accompanied by the Kaska Records Band.

author’s compositions and poems
cover versions of the songs “Sit on any train” by Marylya Rodovich, “I am drawing you” by Batyrkhan Shukenov, “He came, this good afternoon” by Alexander Zatsepin
limited number of seats
intimate atmosphere and a cozy summer evening

Marina Levchenko is a journalist and radio host in the past, and now the concert director of Zlata Ognevich. Behind her shoulders are dozens of organized concert tours and events of various sizes.

On August 7, Marina will take the stage of the Caribbean Club Concert Hall to present guests with a chamber evening together with the virtuoso musicians of the Kaska Records Band.

“I will perform my songs and favorite covers, read my poems and talk to the audience like an old friend whom I haven’t seen for a long time, and finally we gathered in the kitchen. Let’s sit and remember what has made and makes us happy, ”shared Marina Levchenko.

This evening at the Caribbean Club Concert Hall they will play for you:
Marina Levchenko – vocals
Anatoly Shmargun – drums
Alexander Lozovsky – guitar
Alexey German – trumpet, keys
Alexey Nesterenko – bass

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