“Magic and Stand Up Show” by the illusionist ROMANBONDARCHUK


The premiere of “Magic and Stand Up Show” by the illusionist ROMANBONDARCHUK

The main country illusionist, Ukrainian David Copperfield, ROMANBONDARCHUK for the first time in Kiev will present his new magic show “Magic and Stand Up Show”. The premiere of the program will take place at the Caribbean Club on February 23, 2020.

ROMANBONDARCHUK – Ukrainian illusionist, whose name is known far beyond the borders of the country.

Spectators in France, Italy, UAE, Croatia, Qatar, Cyprus and other countries loved him for his high-class technological tricks, mental experiments, bright light shows and modern productions. Roman was the main participant in the exclusive illusion show “The Magic of Winter” for Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, as well as the winner of international competitions. He is the only illusionist in Ukraine performing tricks with the disappearance of large objects, such as an excavator at the Olympic stadium LIVE.

Also, you could see the sensational video with the illusionist’s props at the Boryspil airport – a rally organized by Roman. More than 6 million viewers watched the video with a mysterious box which female legs.

The participants of his numbers were famous athletes, politicians, as well as stars of Ukrainian show business: Potap and Nastya, Alena Shoptenko, OLEYNIK, Alexander Shovkovsky, Andrey Bednyakov and even an Arab sheikh.

His tricks are always on the edge. On the brink of understanding, on the brink of a miracle, on the brink of the possible. Roman’s tricks keep the viewer in suspense until the last minute of the performance and make him believe in magic.

The unique style of the Ukrainian master of illusions is given by unsurpassed humor and sharp jokes with which he accompanies his performances.

In the new program, which will premiere on February 23, 2020, Roman combine the two most beloved genres by the audience – a magic show and stand up.

ROMANBONDARCHUK’s “Magic and Stand Up Show” is a mix of humor in the genre of stand up and magic, sharp jokes and bewitching illusions that completely blur the line between reality and fantasy of the audience.

Especially for his new show “Magic and Stand Up Show” at the Caribbean Club ROMANBONDARCHUK is preparing exciting modern productions, an unusual light show, upscale stunts and mental experiments. Viewers will see new unexpected interpretations of the legendary tricks of world masters: levitation of objects, romantic mirages, reading thoughts, the disappearance of people, as well as many new tricks.

Thanks to interactive numbers, the audience from the first minutes completely immerse themselves in the world of magic and wizardry, forgetting about reality and believe that everything is possible.

Buy your ticket to the world of magic from ROMANBONDARCHUK right now!

Fan-zone – free space intended for enjoying the event without a specific predestinated seat.

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