Juan Cardenas & Piano Flamenco Band


Caribbean Club is a unique place in Kiev. There are shows and parties every day. Ukrainian and foreign artists prefer this is the place for its professional scene, illumination and sound.

You can visit pop and rock artists, jazz concerts, theatre, Latin dance parties, disco, humorous and dance shows, night parties and many other shows in Caribbean Club.

Except being a cool club, it is one of the best restaurants in Kyiv as well. You can taste the traditional and delicious cuisine, burgers, and sushi. There are many drinks from lemonades and cocktails to the elite alcohol and drinks for connoisseurs.

1 August, Spanish flamenco singer Juan Cardenas in Caribbean Club Concert Hall.

“Flamenco is the way a person talks to God”, – said Joaquin Cortes.

There are more than 3 thousand kilometres from Kiev to Andalusia, the birthplace of flamenco. But this night, singer Juan Cardenas and Ukrainian ensemble Piano Flamenco Band will perform for you. A new 70 minutes tracklist of passion rhythms and melodies by well-known Spanish composers Paco de Lucia, Montse Cortés, Alex Conde, Maria Toledo, compositions by Victoria Gavrik (piano), Eugenia Sedko (guitar, percussion). Wild dancers by Kiev Flamenco dancers – Elena Pjatkina and Tatiana Osypchuk.

Juan Cardenas was born in Seville, Earth’s greatest Flamenco singers. His performance style formed on the influence of singers like La Niña de La Puebla and Naranjito de Triana. In addition to vocals, Juan plays Cajon (percussion instrument, often an integral element of flamenco music) as well. Nowadays, Juan Cardenas lives in Germany and tours with professional Flamenco bands, developing and spreading the native art across Europe.

1 August Juan Cardenas and Piano Flamenco Band, a vocal-instrumental band, playing music in the flamenco-jazz and flamenco-fusion styles. Piano Flamenco band consists of lead guitar, bass guitar, percussion, unique zest-flute and piano that adds special 

Don’t miss hot passion flamenco!

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