Jazz Monday: Jazz&Beatbox


12 August there is another Live Jazz Monday concert with the special guest – W KEY with a new set “Jazz&Beatbox”!

  • The mix of jazz, swing, boogie-woogie, rock’n’roll, funk and pop
  • Original songs in English, Russian and Ukrainian
  • Jazz hits in classic and new modern arrangement
  • Cosy evening in one of the best clubs of Kyiv

W KEY’s Jazz & Beatbox is a jazz improvisation in a new modern style accompanied by vocal percussion and a vocal trumpet, as well as many incredible musical combinations. 

W KEY band includes experienced and talented musicians: composer, singer and jazz pianist – Igor Tikhonov (vocal, piano), and composer, singer and beatboxer – Yuri Maslyanka (vocal, vocal percussion).

Igor Tikhonov wrote his first original song at the age of 7 years; since that, for 25 years now, he has performed at big gigs around Ukraine and abroad.

Yury Maslyanka successfully performs at gigs and festivals in Austria, Spain, Germany and other countries.

Don’t miss the jazz performance by W Key at Caribbean Club on the 12th of August.

Let yourself relax and distract from the routine. Jazz Monday is a good beginning of the week in a cosy place.

Fan-zone – free space intended for enjoying the event without a specific predestinated seat.

Check out the rules of the «Caribbean Club», as well as the new safety rules related to COVID-19
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