Jazz Cabaret. Oleg Skrypka & Bedroom Music Orchestra


On the 28 of March, Oleg Skrypka and Bedroom Music Orchestra will present the JAZZ CABAR set at Caribbean Club!

Bedroom Music Orchestra are the virtuoso musicians of “VV”, “Deti Fidelya”, “Pokaz Trio” bands. They are masters of different genres and styles, which makes their music colourful, vibrant and interesting.

The project leader is Oleg Skrypka.

He is a legendary musician, vocalist, a composer known for his “VV” band, Le Grand Orchestra, Zabava jazz cabaret, DJ O’Skrypka.

This time, his collaboration with Bedroom Music Orchestra created a new musical precedent. Favourite songs intertwined with modern rhythms, retro sound, rare in Ukraine electro-swing.

Caribbean Club Concert-Hall invited musicians to perform their only concert in Kyiv and present the new set, the new sound of Ukrainian music.

The concert will combine several genres, and the main point of performance is high-quality music and good mood.

Oleg Skrypka and Bedroom Music Orchestra are:


Oleg Skripka – vocals

Andrey Pokaz – keyboards

Miroslav Pyatnikov – pipe

Arsen Odabashyan – guitar

Evgeny Myrmyr – bass

Daniel Castro – Percussion

Alexander Lebedenko – drums

Don’t miss the performance by Oleg Skrypka and Bedroom Music Orchestra at Caribbean Club on the 28th of March!

Fan-zone – free space intended for enjoying the event without a specific predestinated seat.

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