Improv Live Show

Improv Live Show


4 October “Kvartal 95 Studio” (Quarter 95 Studio) presents brand new shows IMPROV LIVE SHOW at Caribbean Club.

“Everything that happens in the show is creating right now. And this the reason why the atmosphere of the show is full of true emotions!”

  • Actors of famous TV shows: Night Kyiv, League of Laugh, Make the comedian laugh, Women’s Quarter
  • Full improvisation without any script
  • The audience are participants and can offer the topics for plays as well

This kind of show is very popular in the world. At last, we can taste them in Ukraine.

The professional actors create the best plays with any topic offered by the audience.

Quarter 95 are:

Roman Mesheryakov

Valik Mihienko

Vova Shumko

Konstantin Trembovetskiy

Don’t miss the portion of actual jokes, the positive kind of mood by Quarter 95 at Caribbean Club Concert Hall on the 9th of May!

Fan-zone – free space intended for enjoying the event without a specific predestinated seat.

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