17 December, the indie rock duo Gapochka will present a new album “Neobkhіdna” at Caribbean Club Concert Hall.

The first single “Chuyu” from the upcoming album was released in early June. With a touch of old school and post-punk, the track marked a new wave in the creativity of Katya Gapochka and Evgeny Yakshin. Although the live drummer was replaced by a drum machine, Eugene’s guitar parts sounded even bolder, and Katya’s vocals were even more desperate. For the first time, the full version of “Chuyu” the band performed at Music Export Ukraine showcase. That was the point that Katya and Eugene realized that they wanted to sound like a duet.

“This story began 2 years ago when Katya wrote demos for a full album. I liked the material and I got the idea to make the album naive, sharp and deep. Then we began to search for musicians, sound, studios, etc. In the end, we decided to play as a duet, ”says Yevgeny Yakshin. 

“In the new album, – Katya Gapochka shares, – each song is a specific, vivid feeling. “Neobkhidna” is an expressive album. The main message is the need to experience all your facets, from minus to plus. I didn’t feel like experimenting by sound, and I’m glad that the drum machine samples initially made their sound restrictions, and the guitars became almost on par with the vocals.”

Gapochka is an indie rock band created by singer Katya Gapochka, which is complemented musically and artistically by guitarist Eugene Yakshin. Their first full-length albums “Etap”, “Electroacoustics” and “Catch My Words”, recorded in different compositions, received many positive reviews by Ukrainian critics. To create their own music, the band carefully and meticulously chooses musicians and sound producers, among whom were Yuri Khustochka (ex-Elzy Ocean, Esthetic Education), Ilya Galushko (Esthetic Education) and Alexey Laptev (Gorchitza).

Fan-zone – free space intended for enjoying the event without a specific predestinated seat.

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