GOLDA – Yiddish Jazz Show


On the 6th of December – Yiddish Jazz Show – the traditional show performed by the singer GOLDA (Tatiana Amirova) and Freedom Ballet.

  • musical performance with elements of immersive theater, where the guest is both a spectator and a hero of the action
  • the program was created exclusively for guests of the Caribbean Club Concert Hall
  • chamber atmosphere

Odessa of the 20s, southern flavor, Jewish community. From here begins the story of a young girl who is told through songs sung in Yiddish in jazz arrangements.

The ideologist of the Yiddish Jazz Show project, the singer GOLDA, has been familiar with these songs since childhood, their age-old history and special character. In a company with top Ukrainian jazz musicians, GOLDA finds a new interpretation of forgotten songs, breathes freshness into them and makes them fall in love with even those who until now were completely unfamiliar with Jewish culture.

“The musical performance of the Yiddish Jazz Show has already been a success in the capital’s Caribbean Club three times. This is a good tradition, which is a pleasure to come back to again and again, – says GOLDA. – In this program, the most important thing is the festive atmosphere. Decorations, shows, live band, performances, costumes and dances from Freedom Ballet. When it all comes to life on stage – it’s impossible to tear yourself away! ”

Stage director – Pavel Bondarenko.
Costume designer, ideologist – Nazar Didyk.

Treat yourself to a bright and festive experience on the eve of spring!

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