Freak Power

Freak Power


1 December there is a long-awaited performance by Freak Power at Caribbean Club!

Freak Power are the British band. The band’s style is wild mixes with jasmine jazz, funk, soul and trip-hop. The band was founded by Norman Cook, who later became known as Fatboy Slim, and Ashley Slater, a member of the 80’s Loose Tubes jazz band.

In 1993, the song “Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out” became a hit because it was used as a soundtrack for Levi’s jeans advertising. This track is part of the “Drive Thru Booty” (1994). “Rush” is the second hit of the album. In 1996, LP “More Of Everything For Everybody” was released and this time “Song #6” was featured in the movie “Code 46” (2004). Since the late 90’s the band is inactive.

In April 2018 the band released the first record since 1999 – the new EP “United State”.

United State is pop music and underground music as well. The lyrics are about current world issues.

Besides the new songs, the band will perform the old favourite tracks.

Don’t miss the performance by Freak Power at Caribbean Club on the 1st of December!

Fan-zone – free space intended for enjoying the event without a specific predestinated seat.

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