Caribbean 22th Anniversary. SPECIAL GUEST “NK”


On the 21st of February, CARIBBEAN CLUB celebrates the 22nd anniversary! It will be an incendiary party with invited superstar and a lot of favourite music!

In the best traditions, we will have fun and dance until the morning!

The set is:

incredible NK performance

✨ night dance set with a LINCOLN cover band

✨ an incredible show by virtuoso NC-17 Showballet

This year we thew star guest is an amazing NK. She is the first Ukrainian singer who quickly conquered Latin America. Her songs are represented on almost all music charts, including the international Billboard, Music Choice, HTV, MTV. She creates music that unites cultures.

On February 21st, NK will present an incendiary set of her main hits and new popular songs. Get ready to listen to live “Popa kak u Kim”, “Elefante”, “#etomojanoch”, “Obitsyayu”, “Dai mne”, “Peligroso” and many others!

The host of the Caribbean Club Birthday is the irreplaceable Sergio Kunitsin!

For 22 years we have been giving unforgettable vivid impressions with the top artists, noisy parties, world stars and own variety show!

Caribbean Club is the holiday that always with you!

Party supported by TM Marengo

Party Schedule:

  • 23:00 Start
  • LINCOLN and NC-17 Showballet
  • Birthday cake
  • NK
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