“Brothers Hadyukiny”


On December 3, “Braty Hadiukiny” will present the new album “Smіkh i Grikh” at Caribbean Club. The album contains 12 songs and 3 bonus tracks. The premieres of the songs “Krav”, “Frankenstein / Oh My Love”, “Safari”, “Sivina in the Beard” and “Hto ti?” have already taken place.

In the new album, you look through the eyes of noble bullies at the things nowadays and the world that we create ourselves. A lot of images, a lot of thoughts and stories. The band members shared their thoughts on the new album:

Igor Melnichuk:

“What can I say? Just listen. Small stories about great Love. To you.”

Pavel Krakhmalyov:

“Imagine that Laughter and Sin are spouses. They are together all the time and do everything together, and then their children are born in Sin, but Funny (and smart, as they hope). In short, their life is interesting and varied! Just like ours. ”

Mikhail Lundin:

“Album for adult men. Fully consistent with its name. The album was recorded in a good studio with a new sound and a completely different sound technique.”

About the band:

“Braty Hadiukiny” was formed in 1988. Creativity became the foundation on which Ukrainian rock music began to develop. Their musical style is a mix of punk, blues, reggae, folk, rock and roll with funny jokes and wild drive. They toured around Ukraine and the world as well.

During their existence, the musicians recorded 5 studio albums, 4 concert albums and 2 hit collections, including “Faine Misto Ternopil”, “Narkomany na horodi”, “Bulo ne liubyty”, “117 stattja”, “Zvjozdochka moya”, “Dvchina z Kolomyi”, “Zhovti Strychki”, “Karpati” and many others.

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