BrainStorm to play in Kyiv: “30 music stories”

On December, 12th BrainStorm band will perform their 30-years history in Caribbean Club Concert Hall. The Latvians are going to present a new conceptual program.

“Over all these years we realised: this is our place and our work for sure. We are on the way together to our sources: music, friendship and joy,” – the band’s leader Renārs Kaupers says.

“30 music stories” are the songs absorbed the whole band’s history. “Lidmašīnas”, the main hit of the youngling BrainStorm, ‘’My star’’, that reached Eurovision final, “Maybe”, that broke the international borders, аs well as famous “Ветер”, “Выходные”, “Colder”, “Thunder Without Rain”, “Ты не один”, “Контакты” will shape the program. Сonceptual blend of sound and light will reveal step by step the landmark songs and the audience’s favourite ones, as well as the premiers.

BrainStorm have released 22 albums where combined 3 language cultures: Latvian, Russian and English. The intellectuals from the small Northern Europe country, who rock the stadiums in their native land, have rose as the worldwide phenomenon. Their cooperation with Anton Corbijn, the iconic Depeche Mode, U2, RHCP and Metallica photos author, provided BrainStorm with the international recognition. They managed to do the almost impossible thing – to elevate a real boys’ friendship from the provincial courtyard to the world stage.

The BrainStorm phenomenon reveals in the thing they value so much – the live concerts.

There is where the band from the Baltic seaside radiates the Sun’s warmth. It is a very special delight to feel it in a wintertime: on December, 12th, in Caribbean Club Concert Hall in Kyiv.

Fan-zone – free space intended for enjoying the event without a specific predestinated seat.

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