До 20-річчя Caribbean Club ми підготували грандіозний подарунок всім меломанам та друзям Caribbean Club- МЮЗИКЛ ❤️

Нам вдалось неймовірне: ми зібрали в одному мюзиклі яскравих зірок українской сцени 
Вони розкрились в неочікуваних образах та показали всі куточки найкультовішого столичного концерт-холлу ☝️

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Become a part of Caribbean Club Concert Hall history!

On Monday, September 25th, we are filming a cinema musical to the 20th Birthday of our favorite club – the Caribbean ClubRead more

Sun and heat again in Kiev! And we have the menu again lemonade!

Refreshing, homemade and on any taste!

1 liter only 99 USD!

Immerse yourself in the natural freshness!

A friendly team CARIBBEAN CLUB LOOKING FOR hostesses!

One of the best night clubs Kyiv Caribbean Club announces recruitment for the position hostesses.

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Why Ukrainian BIPLAN sing?

As it so happened that one of the most popular Lithuanian bands sang Ukrainian BIPLAN?

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And here is the promised new song Biplan – “Childhood”

The original version of the song has hit the Lithuanian album “Visi keliai veda prie juros” and sounded great on stage. A Ukrainian-language version of the first live sounds on March 30 concert BIPLAN – solo concert in Kiev! in Caribbean Club Concert Hall.

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